Friday, March 11, 2005

Enterprise Library is Out

Finally Microsoft Enterprise Library is out. Enterprise library is collection of reusable software assets to address common enterprise development challenges, consistently, correctly and quickly. If you are not new to MS platform, you might be familiar with Applications Blocks, i.e. Data Access Block and Exception Management Block. There were several other application blocks as well.
In a much simple way you can define Enterprise Library as the collection of all old application blocks. But in a techie way you can not do so. Its first version is produced in partnership with Avanade, leveraging experience from customer engagements and incorporating aspects of the ACA.NET application framework. In first version of Enterprise Library you get following blocks:
  1. Data Access Application Block

  2. Exception Handling Application Block

  3. Configuration Application Block

  4. Caching Application Block

  5. Logging & Instrumentation Application Block

  6. Security Application Block

  7. Cryptography Application Block

Take the example of DAB. In EntLib aim was to keep to simplicitiy of DAB, and it is maintained. However it is refined further. Support for multiple database through database factory (SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 etc.) is added to EntLib that was not available in the age of DAB.
Exception Management Block is now known as Exception Handling Block. Now you can configure your exception using XML file. You can define different kind of policies (Global Policy, Wrap Policy, Replace Policy) and that too with full configurabililty. Thanks to EntLib Configuartion Console. EntLib Configuartion Console is code based on Avanade's ACA.Net Configuration Manager(See the snap shots). Actions provided through EntLib are extensible; we provide Logging, Wrapping one exception with another, and Replacing one exception with an other.


Avanade Configuration Manager.JPG

Finally on behalf of Microsoft and Avanade, I invite you to join EntLib community site at:

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