Friday, March 11, 2005

EntLib Binaries are Not Signed

If you have downloaded EntLib and started playing with it, you would have noticed that it comes with all of its source code and none of the assemblies are signed with a key. Why it is so? It is because of support issues. If Microsoft had come up with the signed files and binary only version then they would have to support it too. You should have notice one checkbox while installing EntLib, "Compile Enterprise Library". That is the point when EntLib's source code is compiled into binaries for you.
Microsoft Pattern and Practices group did not want to ship a product kind of thing. Microsoft EntLib is the guidance for rest of the world. It just guides you in your way to design and develop your enterprise application. So if you come across any issue while using EntLib, you can't ask for support from Microsoft. But you can very well pop the question in EntLib community. That's why I suggest you to join EntLib community. In case you are not happy with this situation, then just wait for a while. We are coming with ACA.Net V4.0. That will have signed version of EntLib binaries and you will get a full support from Avanade. Nobody can support EntLib better then us; after all its we who built it!
ACA.Net 4.0 gives you some very exciting fetaures on top of EntLib. ACA.NET 4.0 provides a service oriented application platform. Service oriented techniques typically produce coarsely grained, loosely coupled applications that can communicate with each other to compose large systems that deliver complex functionality. Using the principles of SOA, architects can build powerful distributed applications that are more flexible and easier to maintain over time than solutions built around distributed object technologies. Beside this ACA.Net 4.0 facilitates you to leverage your application with Aspect Oriented Architecture (AOA). The Aspect Architecture provides a flexible way to declaratively add behavior to your applications. It serves as the glue between the Service Architecture and the "sideline" Frameworks. If you want AOA and SOA features in your application, give a try to ACA.Net 4.0. Its free for use, however you will have to sign a license for our comfort.

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