Friday, March 11, 2005

Oracle SPs in C#/VB.Net

Do you know that Oracle's ODP.Net team is planning to give support for C#/VB.Net SPs too. That means soon Oracle will empower its RDBMS product to have SPs written in C#/VB.Net. Right now ODP.Net plug in allows you to do every thing that you can do with Server Explorer against SQL Server. You can create a new table, edit existing table, create a new SP, run a SP and get the result in a nice datagrid.
For a long time Oracle dedicated itself to Java language. They never really liked the concept of .Net and C#. But now what forced them to provide support for C# SPs is market share. Every one wants to extend their market share and to retain it. In many cases each project going to C# means backend might be SQL Server rather than Oracle. Now Oracle is forced to provide support for C#/VB.Net projects too. Good Step!

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