Friday, June 17, 2005

Summary of Tech Ed 2005

Well it started with all fancy things like laser show etc. Then Director of Developer Evangelist in India came and said, "Do you know why am I wearing sun glasses? Because future is so BRIGHT in Microsoft horizon." Though I am fan of Microsoft technologies and its innovations, I could not bear this statement. Any way after this key note session started. It was full of demos of some upcoming technologies that include Visual Studio Team System and Visual Studio Tools for Office. All these demos made me kind of sleepy. Actually I was expecting some marekting guys to come there and display some good looking presentations on upcoming technologies. As against of this, some techie guys came and ruined the key note session.
Any way after this I decided to attend "Smart Clients and Connected Systems" track. It started off with introduction to Visual Studio Tools for Office. It was a good session. Presenter showed the next version of VSTO and showed how well they are integrated with .Net framework. All the control to be used in VSTO are managed controls. VSTO gives amazing felexibility in order to develop Office Smart Client Applications.
At the end of Tech Ed 2005 India, I realized that Micorost is screaming SOA like any thing. They are plumbing their money in SOA. Microsoft is getting SOA in its dreams as well. Each of their product is getting aligned with the concept of SOA. You see Office Smart Client Application. It gives you capabilities to develop SOA application. You see Biztalk Server 2004. It gives you amzing features to enable your application SOA. You see Indigo, see at SQL Server 2005. All are touted to support SOA from their heart. As obvious, I heard enough of SOA in Tech Ed, hence I am going to repeat all that here too. Wait for upcoming posts...

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