Friday, June 23, 2006

Developer Highway: Drive for Safer Code

If you were too lazy to read Pattern and Practices books on security and all such stuff, here is a gist of all that for you. Following link will take you to a handbook that gives you ways to measure how secure you code is.

This handbook on security emphasises that you should integrate security activities in your development lifecycle. It enforces that you should review your code for security vulnerabilities regularly in development and test phase. This handbooks gives you checklist and other pointers so that you can quantify quality of your code and what all you need to take of when writing safer code.

.Net Framework 3.0

When all of the developers in Microsoft camp were waiting for VS.Net Orcas to come out along with Vista, it was obvious thought that it would have .Net Framework 3.0. Now that believe is broken By MS. Recently they announced that WinFX stack is renamed as ".Net Framework 3.0". Are you shocked? Well I was also shocked. Somasegar; VP of MS Corporate Business describes the change here:

He describes that Vista will still have .Net Framework 3.0 and will comprise all components of .Net Framework 2.0. This implies that all components of framework will belong to .Net 2.0 and bonus of WinFX stack. This means that your C# compiler, VB.Net compiler all are still of version 2.0. Only the framework, the silo is enhanced to become .Net 3.0. So next question appears, what happens to C# 3.0 where they were building some cool stuff like LINQ? Well, that is still under scope and will be coming as part of Vista however they may decide to name the framework at that time as .Net Framework 4.0 where C# and other components are of version 4.0. Quite a messy, isn't it?

The answer is no. If you are a developer in MS camp or decision making authority you know all this versioning stuff and know that all this does not matter much when it comes to building a system. All you need to do is design and code. You need not worry much about what version is of framework and what is the version of C# compiler.