Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Target attribute of Anchor

You can say that I was sleeping in a cave, but it is true that today I have come to know that Target attribute of Anchor is marked as deprecated. Here is more information on it. Actually this standard is very old and there was no update to IE6 from many years. So IE6 still works with target attribute, however IE 7 completely denies to work with this attribute. Now what is the solution if I want to open a new window from my web page. Well, I was not able to get any cleaner way. Following is the ugly way to do it:
<a href="" onclick="; return false;" onkeypress="; return false;">IE 7</a>

I am not sure how good this solution is. However if you want IE7 to work with your site properly, then you got to do all this. I came to know this when I was adding some new sections like "Links" and "Book I am reading" to my blog. I wanted you guys to get a new window where you can have your own time, but IE7 kept opening the page in same window. Then I started googling and found that I was in cave :)

PS: Above discussion is with respect to IE 7 Beta 3.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

If business is from Mars, then IT is from Venus

Yes, this is what this book says. It is released by Microsoft and having some good inside about SOA. Service Oriented Architecture is not all about employing some tool. By employing some tool you are not going to get Service Orientation. There are developers out there those who think that using Biztalk or Indigo or any such tool that has concept of Service Orientation will get them Service Oriented application then they are absolutely wrong. SO is all about how you are integrating your business into your applications. Service Orientation is about bringing Mars and Venus together.