Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Applied “Democracy vs Leadership”

I have recently struck with this thought. In ideal scenarios Scrum process says that you break down the tasks and allocate them to each of your developer. They should come back to you with XYZ number of estimated hours for their tasks. Good enough!!! But then is it always fine to turn to your people for estimation and to decide way forward? Some people hide their lack of leadership behind being supporter of democracy. These people don’t even take quick decision to sort out people issues. They throw away some jargon at you or hide behind some process.

I say we don’t need these kind of people in our industry. IMO we should have the leaders who can take brisk decisions. Who can some time override the set process to help their people and to make fast progress. Who can bend the things to suit themselves and project conditions.

Imagine this; In train engine is asking each bogie about their choice of destination, rather than leading them from the front to a certain destination.

Microsoft Office Labs

Microsoft Office Labs

Check out the space of Microsoft Office Labs. These guys are putting up some pretty cool (IMO) stuff up there. Like multi touch without touching. For me it is Email Prioritizer. I am currently downloading it; will post the feedback again once I try it out.

Update: I just completed installing Email Prioritizer and pptPlex. pptPlex claims to add the power of zooming in and out during the presentation. Well, it adds that capability to power point but makes it unusable and unstable. On my machine that I can call is decently powered was rendered nonworking while trying out the “cool” features of pptPlex. Finally it made power point to crash. :(

On other hand Email Prioritizer seems to be working to some extent. It is dependent on Office 2007 Primary Interop Assemblies. I had to download that as a separate installer. Wonder why Office Labs guys don’t bundle it in one MSI? It has features where you can give star rating to your emails. It adds several filters that make it easy to retrieve certain email. But does it really work? At least not for me because for this software to be of any use, I need to be well organised at first. :)

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