Friday, December 26, 2008

Real time flight status

Have you ever waited for your loved ones? Were you ever in situation when they are en-route from US/UK and you want to know the status of their flight. Well currently I am in that situation. My fiancée is coming from Houston and her flight is scheduled to arrive @ BIAL at 12:35 AM 27/12. I am eager to find about the delay or early arrival. I Google and as always Google makes me happy. I find Flight Stats. Usually you will find a lot of sites which are US specific. FlightStats is a site that is global and giving very accurate results for domestic/international in/out bound flights from India. Following is a snapshot when I am searching for a flight on 26/12 which is scheduled to arrive at BIAL on 27/12. It is showing flight is en-route and currently 44 minutes late.

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