Friday, September 25, 2009

Data recovery software

Some days ago I was playing with my laptop and trying to delete some unnecessary files. I don’t know who went nuts (I or my Windows 7), it deleted something that I did not intend. Basically it deleted all my photos taken in past 3-4 years. I was dumbstruck on that because data was around 25 GB and when Windows had asked for permanent deletion, I had confirmed it.

I could not do anything to undo this action because data was deleted permanently. Now my only option was to look out if any of my friend had any kind of data recovery software. None of my friend had any Symantec or other data recovery software. Then I tried looking out for free data recovery software and voila there are lots of them which can do recovery from multiple data sources. Following is the list of top 10 such data recovery software.

As of now I am using Recuva and it recovered all my photos on Windows 7 OS with NTFS file system. Great work!!! Just 1 week back I formatted SD card of my camera. After formatting that card my wife asked for those photos. I properly remember that I had asked her and she had told me remove the content of that card. Huh, girls are girls!!! This time I am a hero because I have data recovery software. After formatting I had taken some more snaps and I knew that recovering everything will be difficult. In normal mode Recuva did not recover anything. But then it has one option “Deep Scan”. When I selected and re-ran the software, it found everything that I had formatted. Bravo!!! I am happy again.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Web service testing; must have tools

Recently I have been involved in designing and developing interoperable web service. This service has to interoperate with Java platform and there is Tibco sitting in between. When it is all .net environment then you don’t need to worry about any web service testing things. It’s very easy; you develop and use it. There are no problems at all.

But when it comes to developing the service and giving to thirty party for consumption then you definitely need to do some basic test on your service. Two tools which prove themselves to be very useful are soapUI and WCF Storm. soapUI is very sophisticated tool to inspect your WSDL, invoke your web service. It can generate test cases for your service and it can even mock your service. WCF storm has many such capabilities like configuring the test case and saving them for later use. Both the tools are very friendly to use and have loads of features to help you when you are working with services.

One another tool is Axis2. I could not find a stand alone version of this tool. It comes as a plug in and it needs some Java IDE, hence bit difficult to work with it. 

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Windows 7 display driver problem

I have Dell Latitude D620 system that I recently upgraded to Windows 7 RC. It has nVidea Quadro NVS 110m display system. Everything went fine in installation. But when it started it started in very low resolution. Then I went to display properties and found that it did not list my native resolution that is 1400 x 900. I googled around web and found that nVidea has done some changes in their driver and they are no longer supporting NVS 110m for Windows 7. Dell is also not supporting Windows 7 on Latitude D620. So there I was stuck with Windows 7 having sub optimum resolution for my laptop.

Then I again searched for the issue that I had and I found I am not alone on the planet. There were many people who had issues similar to me. Gist of those searches was that Windows 7 has not changed anything on the ground for display driver. Meaning that I could really use Vista driver on my Windows 7. People had suggested that we can install those drivers in compatibility mode for Vista or Windows XP.

I then went to Dell site and searched for display driver for Vista and Latitude D620. I then installed it and it did not even complained about OS being different. That means when it comes to display subsystem, Windows Vista and Windows 7 are more or less the same. No breaking change. After installing this Vista driver on Windows 7 my system showed the right resolution for my laptop and for now my system is running fine too.