Friday, September 25, 2009

Data recovery software

Some days ago I was playing with my laptop and trying to delete some unnecessary files. I don’t know who went nuts (I or my Windows 7), it deleted something that I did not intend. Basically it deleted all my photos taken in past 3-4 years. I was dumbstruck on that because data was around 25 GB and when Windows had asked for permanent deletion, I had confirmed it.

I could not do anything to undo this action because data was deleted permanently. Now my only option was to look out if any of my friend had any kind of data recovery software. None of my friend had any Symantec or other data recovery software. Then I tried looking out for free data recovery software and voila there are lots of them which can do recovery from multiple data sources. Following is the list of top 10 such data recovery software.

As of now I am using Recuva and it recovered all my photos on Windows 7 OS with NTFS file system. Great work!!! Just 1 week back I formatted SD card of my camera. After formatting that card my wife asked for those photos. I properly remember that I had asked her and she had told me remove the content of that card. Huh, girls are girls!!! This time I am a hero because I have data recovery software. After formatting I had taken some more snaps and I knew that recovering everything will be difficult. In normal mode Recuva did not recover anything. But then it has one option “Deep Scan”. When I selected and re-ran the software, it found everything that I had formatted. Bravo!!! I am happy again.

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