Thursday, September 24, 2009

Web service testing; must have tools

Recently I have been involved in designing and developing interoperable web service. This service has to interoperate with Java platform and there is Tibco sitting in between. When it is all .net environment then you don’t need to worry about any web service testing things. It’s very easy; you develop and use it. There are no problems at all.

But when it comes to developing the service and giving to thirty party for consumption then you definitely need to do some basic test on your service. Two tools which prove themselves to be very useful are soapUI and WCF Storm. soapUI is very sophisticated tool to inspect your WSDL, invoke your web service. It can generate test cases for your service and it can even mock your service. WCF storm has many such capabilities like configuring the test case and saving them for later use. Both the tools are very friendly to use and have loads of features to help you when you are working with services.

One another tool is Axis2. I could not find a stand alone version of this tool. It comes as a plug in and it needs some Java IDE, hence bit difficult to work with it. 

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