Thursday, September 10, 2009

Windows 7 display driver problem

I have Dell Latitude D620 system that I recently upgraded to Windows 7 RC. It has nVidea Quadro NVS 110m display system. Everything went fine in installation. But when it started it started in very low resolution. Then I went to display properties and found that it did not list my native resolution that is 1400 x 900. I googled around web and found that nVidea has done some changes in their driver and they are no longer supporting NVS 110m for Windows 7. Dell is also not supporting Windows 7 on Latitude D620. So there I was stuck with Windows 7 having sub optimum resolution for my laptop.

Then I again searched for the issue that I had and I found I am not alone on the planet. There were many people who had issues similar to me. Gist of those searches was that Windows 7 has not changed anything on the ground for display driver. Meaning that I could really use Vista driver on my Windows 7. People had suggested that we can install those drivers in compatibility mode for Vista or Windows XP.

I then went to Dell site and searched for display driver for Vista and Latitude D620. I then installed it and it did not even complained about OS being different. That means when it comes to display subsystem, Windows Vista and Windows 7 are more or less the same. No breaking change. After installing this Vista driver on Windows 7 my system showed the right resolution for my laptop and for now my system is running fine too.


Shahab said...


I exactly have the same problem, but when I download from Dell the vista driver it fails right away. Would you mind sending me the driver file to me ?

Thanks in advance,

Pradeep Gururani said...

@Shahab - I don't think that I have rights to redistribute those files. Are you not able to download the drivers? Try to download the driver and then run the driver in either WinXP or Vista compatibility mode.

BTW I am sure this problem now should have been resolved, since it is a long time Windows 7 is released.