Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My brush with patents

Now a days I am part time working on one project where we are evaluating server side image generation as one approach. So I was searching on libraries that could assist me in generating server side images that I can then serve to my clients. But it seems some guys are so !@$ that they have patented server side image generation. See it here:


I was shocked to see that this can also be patented. Point here is that we (software developers) are doing it from so long. This application is submitted only in year 2001 and I am dead sure that this technique has been in public domain well before this application.

I am not sure how I will proceed, but going deep in this patent gives me a feeling inside that I can give this patent an escape on technical grounds. Anyway good to see that now I need to look out for patent infringement even for writing normal LOB software. ;-)

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