Monday, February 01, 2010

Twitter for Business

At first when I was approached with the idea of searching public tweets and finding what people are talking about your business, I really got excited. I thought this would be a WOW concept to try out. However I had my doubts as well because of the limit of characters in a tweet. My thought was like “will it really make any sense within 140 character limit?” and you know what, it really makes sense. People out there who are tweeting are able to squeeze enough in 140 characters.

As soon as I was done with initial coding and did few dry runs, I found quite a lot of information about my current employer. Some was good, some was bad. But that was enough and that is what my employer wanted. Following are some resources that will get you going with twitter:

TwitterVB – This is a .net library to access twitter APIs.
LinqToTwitter – It is a LINQ provider for the twitter. I used this library because of LINQ way of accessing twitter records. Home page of LinqToTwitter on codeplex and this article should be enough for you to start playing with twitter.

Happy Twittering!!!

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