Friday, April 09, 2010

Scalability: Distributed Cache

When we talk about scalability and stories around scalability, one component that is talked about quite a lot is distributed cache. One such tool I knew about is Velocity. It is a Microsoft offering. I tried searching more on Velocity and on other distributed caching systems out there. I bumped on one interesting article. I will not write all of that here again.

Whatever I could check quickly was that Velocity is still in its infancy and nowhere a production system. One another distributed caching system that is mentioned in that article is Memcached. Navigate to its homepage and see the impressive list of its clients. Everybody out there is using memcached; Twitter, flickr, youtube, wikipedia, facebook. Do you need more names to get impressed? At least I don’t. I didn’t really try it but any day if I need to build such a large scale application, I will definitely give memcached a shot. It deserves it.

Update: Velocity is now clubbed into Windows Server AppFabric.

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