Thursday, April 08, 2010

XAMPP: Friends of Apache

Recently I am getting attracted to non microsoft technologies. Reason behind that is that I am trying to spawn the knowledge of things beyond microsoft based things. So I was trying to setup PHP on my system and obviously I was trying to set it up on IIS :). This is because I had heard that PHP possibly runs on IIS. Yes it does and I was trying to do the same. However my friend Saran mentioned me about XAMPP. This is an installer which bundles  Apache, MySql, PHP and some more coolness with it. This was like hitting two birds with one stone. Initially I was trying to setup only PHP but using XAMPP I was able to setup PHP on Apache with backend as MySql. What more do I need? ;) Now I will try my hands in MySql also. WOW!!!

And you won’t believe me if I say that all I did was double click on XAMPP installer. It managed rest of the installation (of everything) in pretty much the same way as Microsoft does. XAMPP is cool!!!

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