Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Ditching Firefox

I have just decided to ditch Firefox in favor of Chrome. This is because Firefox 3.6.13 was very unstable. Every time I used to start, it used to crash. I then upgraded to Firefox 4.0 Beta, but because it is beta, it is very sluggish. On firefox beta hotmail also didn’t work quite good. Hotmail not working is not firefox’s problem but I was getting victimised. Chrome sorts out all those problems and gives me feeling of being light and brisk.

Firefox will be the choice of browser only at work and that too only because of one add-in ”Firebug”. There is “firebug lite” for IE and Chrome, but it is not there yet. So firefox for work, chrome for all other personal stuff. Oh yeah, IE 9 beta is there on my home Windows 7. But that is just for fun!

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Kris said...

Pretty much sums up my approach to browsers too - I've been on Chrome for quite a while now and Firefox just seems slow by comparison. Firebug is essential for web-development though.