Thursday, April 28, 2011

LightSwitch Beta 2 Extensibility Cookbook

According to me VS LightSwitch could be holy grail of LOB application development, however 80-20 rule still applies to it. According to this rule most of business scenarios could be achieved OOB (Out of the Box) but then as an Architect you don’t want to be in position where other 20% scenarios, which business is ready to die for are not possible.

In this case you need capabilities where you can extend LightSwitch and get something which was not exactly possible with OOB product. So grab your copy of LightSwitch Beta 2 extensibility cook book and see if you can develop all of your business cases or not.

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ichael Washington said...

Silverlight custom controls will cover most of your needs.

The Custom Shell is very important and that is in the cookbook, but, the Silverlight controls covered in the cookbook are to create controls that have a "design-time experience" in Visual Studio.

They are not easy to make, but, and are not required to implement custom functionality.

A simple Silverlight Custom control is very easy to make. Takes about 10 minutes. See for pleanty of examples.