Saturday, October 01, 2011

Hiding Certain Facebook Updates

Tired of getting unwanted updates being posted by applications that your friends are using. Well, I am tired of that. I want people to see only what I had been sharing and what my friends are personally sharing. I don’t want to know what childish applications they are using. One option is to click on “top right” corner of that “story” and then say “Hide story”. This works well if you get spammed occasionally. But what if you have hundreds of friends and all of them are using these kind of applications? If you permanently want to get rid of updates from certain kind of applications then you click on “top right corner” of story and towards the bottom you will find “Hide all by XYZ”. Select that option and you will never get spammed from that app again. Following is the screen shot of how to hide such updates.

Hiding spams on FB profile

After doing this, your news feed settings should look like below:

News Feed Settings

And to reach this “Edit News Feed Settings” you need to scroll to the bottom of your FB page. Usually when you scroll FB keeps bringing your older feeds and you may never reach the bottom of this page. So you can try CTRL+END. That should do the job. Following is the screen shot of bottom of the FB wall. Select “Edit Options” and above screen should open. Above screen is useful in case you want lift the ban on certain app.

Edit News Feed Settings

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