Sunday, December 11, 2011

Real time client-server communication on the web

If you are a software developer and keep your eyes open for what other people are developing, you must have seen Google Talk nicely sitting inside Gmail and you are able to chat using web interface. You also would have seen Twitter updating its recent tweets automagically without refreshing the page. Though it is not a new things, but this kind of applications are kind of new things to mainstream web development. This kind of applications used to be developed in state full programming environments and not in state less web environment.

Normal approach to implement these kind of scenarios would have been to poll the server frequently. Another option could be long polling or WebSockets. However now Microsoft’s ASP.Net team is developing a new library called SignalR. Being developed by Microsoft itself is one big enough buying point. Maarten Balliauw is introducing you to SignalR in detail.

So now if you need to build something related to real time communication on the web, you don’t need to pull your hair. SignalR is here.