Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Browser will become irrelevant

I am sure over the past several months, you would have heard how Microsoft is trying to change your browsing experience on Windows 8. Microsoft is bringing metro style apps to main stream Windows desktop OS and IE is not an exception. Firefox too is working on the same lines for its Windows 9 based release.

This news seems to be exciting from technology point of view, however as an end customer I feel the other way round. As an end user if I am working with metro style OS, I would like to have every site that I visit as an application. Today I use Facebook, I would like to see a Facebook app on Windows 8 (People app does that but I am not happy with it). I use various email account, so Microsoft already has gotten Mail app there, though little shoddy (that may be fixed by the RTM). What else I browse? Whatever I browse I would like to have an app for that on Windows 8. After all it is not too much to ask. For example, LinkedIn app on android lets me navigate to almost whole of internet while retaining my feel of still using LinkedIn app.

To me this is where I would like to go. To me browser will become irrelevant in coming future.

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