Sunday, April 29, 2012

Creativity Rot

Vodafone 2012 ad

When I see above ad from Vodafone, I feel pity for Vodafone. What happened to Vodafone of past who once came up with excellent zoozoo ad. It seems Vodafone agency fell short of creative ideas and came up with above pathetic ad series. Look below, how fabulous their zoozoo ad series was.

Vodafone zoozoo ad

There is another crap ad series is going on and the credit goes to Sony. See below for reference. I am not sure about the device, but the ad series is pure nonsense.

Hah–Made of Imagination! I say Lack of Imagination.

And then there is another ad series which is pretty good but every time I see it, I think it is for a different product.

Airtel Ad series 2012

Though this ad series belongs to Airtel, but my suggestion to Sony Mix would be that they buy this ad series from Airtel (even if it means a decent profit to Airtel). Reason being, this ad series looks to represent Sony Mix better than Airtel.

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