Friday, June 15, 2012

Hating the changes in VS 2012 so far

I installed VS 2012 RC on my machine. .Net framework 4.5 might be bringing some good features, but I could not stop myself from noticing some horrible usability issues with VS 2012 RC. Actually all of these issues were there since developer preview, but I thought that these would be fixed as we get closer towards the final release. But to no vain.

1. Bad contrast – This is usability issue. In the default theme which is grayish beyond comprehension, I am having problem finding out disabled items and enabled ones. I have multiple workspaces created. Everything is looking gray and it is being difficult to find out the items instantly.


2. Messed up Team Explorer – Team explorer is changed horribly. Whereas earlier we used to get the list of project we have access to, now they are showing only one project at a time.

a. Every time you need to switch from “Build” view to “Work Items”, you need to click on extreme right dropdown menu and select any one of those views. It is very annoying. Think about the condition when you are working with more than one project, maintaining their builds, doing some PM work on the tasks of more than one project. It is going to be the nightmare.

Compare the same view with my VS 2010 view. In VS 2010 it is so easy to navigate across multiple projects and different views.


3. Problem in associating work item to pending check-in – If you have policy where you need to associate every check-in to a work item, then you are going to be very fed up. The whole UI is changed to become an in place panel rather than modal dialog.

a. There also it is not allowing you to pull the query lists as it used to do in VS 2010. Instead it is asking us to make one or more queries (Active Bugs, Active Tasks etc.) as favorite queries. Then it will pull up those tasks. Annoying.


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